1 September 2011

Cafe "Lenta en famille" has opened in Nizhniy Novgorod

Nizhniy Novgorod residents will be able to celebrate the day of September 1 in the new cafe opened within "Lenta" network hypermarket of Rodionova St.

In the area of about 70 sq.m., in comfortable environment, visitors may taste meals cooked by "Lenta": salads, fritters, pies, soups, fresh juices and other delicacies. The cafe menu totals 50 kinds of hot and cold dishes carefully prepared by Lenta’s cooks right in the hypermarket’s premises. The highlight of the cafe are fritters with various stuffing, cooked according to the company's own recipe.

Lenta's costs for opening of the new cafe have made somewhat over 1 million roubles. The costs of cooking are rather low, as the trade complex has its own production facilities, and 90 % of the menu dishes are cooked directly in the hypermarket’s premises.

Lenta's own brand cafe in Nizhniy Novgorod has become the company’s third fast food project. Previous "Lenta en famille" cafes have been opened in Krasnodar and Novorossiysk. It has become evident that the cafe is very popular among Lenta's visitors. For example, the cafe in Krasnodar is visited by over 200 persons daily, in Novorossiysk - about 300 persons per day, amounting to about 5% of the total number of the hypermarket's clients. Special demand is that for "Solyanka" meat soup, Duke's chops, "Idaho" french-fried potatoes, etc. It is worth noting that Novorossiysk residents buy 2800 tasty doughnuts and drink about 400 liters of tea and coffee in the café each month.

"Our new project allows the customers not only to enjoy their shopping in our hypermarket, but also to have some relaxation in our own cafe. We hope that the dishes and atmosphere in "Lenta en famille" will be enjoyed by residents of Nizhniy Novgorod ", - Kyrill Chemykhin, Regional Director for Central Hypermarket Administration, summarizes.

After having a light meal in the café which is opened daily from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., one may "take away" one’s favorite meals in the department of own products of "Lenta" Hypermarket.

"Lenta" is one of the first Russian retail trade systems that started opening own cafes in its stores. The company plans to proceed with further development of this project: all "Lenta" hypermarkets that are currently at their design and construction stage envisage the possibility of opening the network's own cafes.