28 October 2010

Every fourth resident of Novosibirsk does his shopping in Lenta

On October 28, "Lenta" hypermarket in Bolshevistskaya Street in Novosibirsk will celebrate its third anniversary

Novosibirsk was the starting-point of the company's regional expansion. In 2006, Gusinobrodskoye highway accommodated the first trade store of the network outside Saint-Petersburg. Today, in 17 cities of the Russian Federation, customers are served in 24 hypermarkets of which 4 are located in Novosibirsk.

"Lenta" in Bolshevistskaya Street is daily visited by more than 6000 clients. "The store is built in a perspective district with still underdeveloped infrastructure, and we hope that the number of our clients will increase each day", - states Company's press-service.

It is not a secret that the competitive situation in Novosibirsk is hard: the density of hypermarkets per 100 thousand residents exceeds one unit, which is close to the absolute limit. Before "Lenta" appeared in Siberia, the market was dominated by local players, and in 2007 Metro and –źuchan appeared, which changed the market landscape significantly.

About 320 000 residents hold regular customer cards in the network.* According to price monitoring as of September 2010, conducted by companies "Mix Research" and "The World of Food" under the network's order, prices in "Lenta" are lower than those of nearest competitor for 19 %.

During its work in the regions, "Lenta" has promoted development of local manufacturers: their share in total turnover of the network in Novosibirsk amounts to about 30 %. Approximately 70 local companies supply their goods to "Lenta" in Novosibirsk.

Prompt delivery of the demanded quantities of goods to the trade complexes located in Siberia and the Ural regions (Novosibirsk (4), Omsk (2), Barnaul and Tyumen) is secured by warehouse facility leased in Novosibirsk, with total area equal to 25000 sq. m.

* the Company's own info. The official number of population in Novosibirsk is about 1400000 persons.

more information: Yana Mogileva Public Relations Specialist for "Lenta" Company phone: +7 (812) 3363997 e-mail: pr@lenta.com