9 December 2010

Lenta Company proceeds with regional expansion

In 2011 "Lenta" plans to open 8 new hypermarkets - in Siberian- Uralskiy, Southern and North- Western regions of the country. Investments to each trading store will exceed 650 million roubles

By today, the process of land plots registration in Volzhskiy, Saint- Petersburg and Novosibirsk has been completed. The construction development site in Omsk has been chosen. The new hypermarkets will correspond to the standards applied to construction and work of the network’s shops in the others cities of Russia. The total area of each shop will make 12 000 sq.m., of which trading premises will occupy about 8 000 sq.m. 36 modern cash terminals will be serving customers 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

On October 22, the foundation stone for the first of the company’s eight trading stores in Volzhskiy, of Lenina prospect, 311, the opening of which is planned for the next year, has been laid. The new shop will fling its doors open in 3rd quarter, 2011.

Development of 15th store of the network which will be constructed in the new format is being completed in Obukhovsky Oborony prospect in Saint - Petersburg. Considering quite small area of the site, which makes two and a half hectares, elevated parking will be organized in the first level of the shop. On the eve of the following New Year holidays, the residents of Nevsky district of the city will be buying goods and food in this new "Lenta".

In the first quarter of 2011, construction of the fifth "Lenta" hypermarket of Petukhova street in Novosibirsk will begin.

The third store of the network will also appear in Omsk next year. Construction works for the shop in the site area of nearly 4 hectares in Moskovka area on Sibirsky prospect will begin in spring.

Currently over 3 million people are holders of Lenta network’s permanent customer cards, and their number increases every day. Opening of the new shops would allow to provide Russian citizens not only with qualitative goods at low prices, but also with new jobs.

Thanks to opening of a hypermarket in Pskov on December 18th this year, "Lenta" network will unite 39 hypermarkets in 20 cities of Russia. The company’s development and construction department is involved in searching for the new land plots in the other cities of Russia.