18 February 2011

Lenta private brand wins "gold" again!

Winners of the "Innovational product 2011" contest have received their awards at 18th international food exhibition "Prodexpo-2011" in Moscow. According to the contest’s results, the golden medal in nomination "Innovations in products, technologies" has been awarded to "Arabica" coffee sold under Lenta brand

Instant sublimated coffee "Arabica" with added natural fried ground coffee under private brand "Lenta" is produced by "Grand-NN", a Nizhniy Novgorod Company, and is supplied to "Lenta" hypermarkets across the country.

"Lenta" and "Grand-NN" maintain long-lasting partnership relationship. In 2004, in the very beginning of our cooperation, "Grand-NN" produced only one kind of instant coffee under the network’s private brand. Today, "Lenta" sells seven kinds of coffee produced by the above manufacturer.

"In spite of the fact that international players are in the lead in the Russian coffee market, domestic companies have proved that they are able to make top-quality product. We are glad that the respected jury has once again highly evaluated the quality of products bearing the private brand of our network " * - press-service of Lenta company admitted.

Today "Lenta" distributes over 700 names of food articles under the brands "Lenta", "365 days" and "Dolce albero". The share of goods under private brand Food in the total turnover of food articles in the company amounts to about 10 %.

"Lenta" congratulates its partner with this victory and expresses sincere belief that further cooperation with the network will be no less successful.

* In 2008, within the framework of "Prodexpo-2008" exhibition, "Lenta" was awarded the gold medal in nomination "Best product" for macaroni of its own brand, produced by "Baisad" Company.