20 November 2012

The third hypermarket of Lenta federal chain was opened in the Altai Territory

On November 17 a grand opening of Lenta hypermarket took place in Biysk. The store located in Mitrofanova str., 1 became the 47th site of the company in Russia

Lenta became the first federal retailer who opened a hypermarket of the chain in Biysk. The store corresponds to the company standards: the total area is 12 000 sq.m, the trading area is about 7 500 sq.m.

However, the store has its distinctive features: the children’s goods line has been expanded, men’s and women’s clothes are placed on special hangers, cosmetics and perfumery which earlier was located in a separate boutique, is now put at the sales area. The cash register line has been expanded – 40 modern cash registers allow to make payments quickly.

Among the first who passed through the sales area there were Lidia Gromoglasova, Head of Biysk, Sergey Kryzhanovsky, First Deputy Head of City Administration. Special attention turned out to be focused on fish, meat departments, a huge range of bread products, fruit and vegetables.

The range of goods of the new Lenta in Biysk includes 24 thousand SKU. Also the customers can find goods of local producers on the shelves. New contracts were signed with the companies: “Vosem”, “Altaiskiye Kolbasy”, “Altaisnack”, “Quantserver”, Biysky Rybzavod” and others.

“It is a worthy shop where you can buy everything each family needs. When visiting Barnaul, I dropped in Lenta tame and again, and I always envied the Barnaul inhabitants in an amicable way. How well thought-out and inexpensive everything is. Today its own Lenta was opened in Biysk. Certainly, I, like many Biysk inhabitants, will become a frequent buyer. But the most important thing is how the company entered the city territory. Not each trading company coming to the territory of a small cities makes such investments – opening of a children’s town, road repair” – Lidia Gromoglasova, City Head noted.