17 June 2013

Hypermarket of the federal network "Lenta" has opened in Taganrog

On June, 15, the hypermarket of "Lenta" network has opened in Taganrog on the Bolshaya Bulvarnaya street, 15. This hypermarket has become the second object of the company in Rostov region

The hypermarket is located in the rented premises of the shopping center "Parus". Despite small area of the salesroom, which is 2,400 square meters, residents of Taganrog will be able to find all essential goods at affordable prices here, in "Lenta".

A larger share of the products represented in the hypermarket, which is more than 16,000 nominations, will be products of the local manufacturers. "Lenta" started working with many of them in 2005, long before its expansion to the Russian regions. Traditionally, the Rostov manufacturers supply agricultural products of excellent quality to the Lenta chain, so this is a long-term based partnership. For already many years Lenta maintains cooperation with the Aksay and Azov poultry farms which carry out their supplies to the hypermarkets located in Krasnodar, Volgograd and Astrakhan. LLC "Pudoff", "Taganrog confectionery factory" should be noted among Lenta’s most active suppliers.

"There is a great number of shops represented in Taganrog, however, mainly they are of the discounter format, while the city has only one hypermarket. The city residents at weekend go to the neighboring Rostov to do their shopping, that means there is a real need for relevant shops with a wider assortment of goods "- Alexei Belousov, Lenta’s Regional Director, said.

With the opening of "Lenta", 180 Taganrog residents have been employed, and they will be the ones to help people to do their shopping in the new "Lenta".

The company plans to develop a network of its hypermarkets in the Rostov region.

Reference: Lenta Company, owner of the same-named network of hypermarkets, has been founded in 1993. Currently, 59 Lenta chain shops operate in 34 cities of Russia. Construction of Lenta hypermarkets is under way in Ulyanovsk, Tomsk and in the other cities of the country.20,000 people are employed by the company. About 6 million people across Russia are holding the chain’s permanent customer cards.