26 August 2019

Lenta implements staff training technologies using VR simulators

St. Petersburg, Russia; 26 August 2019. – Lenta (LSE, MOEX: LNTA), one of the largest retail chains in Russia, announces the launch of a VR-based staff training module.

The VR module will be piloted from August to the end of October in ten stores in St. Petersburg and five stores in Moscow. The pilot comprises two parts developed specifically for own-production and customer service teams. Both modules aim to improve customer service and customer interaction.

VR glasses are used to immerse an employee in a realistic environment modelling various customer service situations. The training is based on practising impactful phrases for dealing with customers. The system analyses the employee’s speech, as the simulator’s algorithm is designed to provide feedback. Each dialogue can be practised several times to acquire the skills needed to handle customers in various situations. The main advantage of the format is the realistic training environment and situations, which makes it easier to use the skills acquired during the training in real life.

The Company’s employees in own-production areas are trained in seven scenarios related to the sale of fish, meat and ready meals, while a single multi-stage dialogue covering various customer service situations has been developed to train customer service employees.

VR simulators are expected to increase training efficiency by 40% to 60%.

The Company believes the new training format will improve customer experience in own-production areas and help customer service employees to more effectively deal with customers in difficult situations.

The pilot’s results will be evaluated through a survey and an independent expert review and will inform the Company’s decision to roll out the solution to all Lenta stores.

Lenta’s Chief Executive Officer, Herman Tinga said, “The high level of customer service and effective customer interaction are vital criteria for assessing our stores performance. That is why Lenta invests a great effort in developing its employees, constantly improving its training programmes. The launch of the VR training module will enable us to engage even more employees across Russia, train them and evaluate their skills to a single standard.”

About Lenta

Lenta is the largest hypermarket chain in Russia and the country’s third largest retail chain. The Company was founded in 1993 in St. Petersburg. Lenta operates 245 hypermarkets in 88 cities across Russia and 131 supermarkets in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and the Siberia, Urals and Central regions, with a total of approximately 1,468,978 sq.m. of selling space. The average Lenta hypermarket store has selling space of approximately 5,500 sq.m. The average Lenta supermarket store has selling space of approximately 800 sq.m. The Company operates 12 distribution centers.

The Company’s price-led hypermarket formats are differentiated in terms of their promotion and pricing strategies as well as their local product assortment. The Company employed approximately 45,759 people as of 31 December 20181.

The Company’s management team combines a mix of local knowledge and international expertise coupled with extensive operational experience in Russia. Lenta’s largest shareholders include Severgroup, which is committed to maintaining high standards of corporate governance. Lenta is listed on the London Stock Exchange and on the Moscow Exchange and trades under the ticker: ‘LNTA’.

A brief video summary on Lenta’s business and its Big Data initiative can be seen here.

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