2 July 2013

Opening of the New Hypermarket

The top officials of the region attended the opening of the new hypermarket: Governor of the region Sergey Ivanovich Morozov, head of the city of Ulyanovsk Marina Pavlovna Bespalova and Minister of Agriculture of Ulyanovsk Region Alexander Viktorovich Chepukhin. The guests personally verified its advantages, having made a tour of the shopping areas.

The total floor area of the store is 12,000 square meters, including the sales floor area of 7,500 square meters. The cash register range consists of 40 modern cash registers. A parking for 500 cars is provided for customers. “Lenta” in Ulyanovsk will serve customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

More than 20,000 items are presented in the new “Lenta”, including goods from local manufacturers. Currently, “Lenta” in Ulyanovsk have concluded contracts with the following companies: CJSC “Molvest”, LLC “Simbirskaya Molochnaya Kompaniya”, CJSC “Alev”, State Unitary Agricultural Enterprise “Teplichny”, Molofeev Individual Entrepreneur, Ulyanovsky Meat Processing Plant, Dimitrogorsky Meat Processing Plant, Ulyanovskhlebprom No. 4, CJSC “Globus-Konditer”, etc. The products of local manufacturers are marked with a special sign-price tag, so the buyer can easily find them on the shelves.

Alexander Chepukhin, Deputy Chairman of the Government and Minister of Agriculture of Ulyanovsk Region: “This store chain displays the greatest loyalty to our regional producers, which is naturally pleasant for us. Prior to the opening, several meetings with our manufacturers have been held and today we are going to see their products on the shelves of this store chain”.

250 city dwellers are employed in the new store. “Our employees receive, firstly, “white” official salary, health insurance and, secondly, subsidized meals, uniform, training and career growth opportunities. They also have an opportunity to work in a friendly team of one of the largest retail companies in Russia”, - said Zaur Davletov, director of the store.

About the Company: Being founded in 1993 in St. Petersburg, the company “Lenta” has been one of the leaders of the Russian retail market over the period of 20 years. Currently, 60 chain hypermarkets in various regions of Russia and 1 supermarket in Moscow operate. Hypermarkets in Izhevsk, Tomsk, Kemerovo, Novokuznetsk and other cities of the country are being constructed. In 2012, the company's revenue amounted to 110 billion rubles. About 6 million people are regular customers of “Lenta” chain. More than 20,000 employees work in the stores and offices of the company.