Growth strategy

Aiming to double selling space over the next three years

We aim to double our selling space over the next three years. We are uniquely positioned to expand as we own over 90% of our own real estate, we own most of our distribution assets and we fully supervise and control all of our own construction projects. Our vertical integration adds predictability, flexibility and certainty to our expansion programme.

The four key drivers of our mid- to long-term growth strategy:

Delivering like-­for-­like growth by:

  • Enhancing our product offering
  • Overall Lenta brand promotion
  • Better cooperation with suppliers

Strengthening our existing leadership through new stores in existing cities and by:

  • Improving our supply chain, leveraging our marketing spend and building barriers to entry for our competitors
  • Leverage existing platform and customer knowledge to optimise location and format choices

Exploiting white space potential through:

  • Prioritised expansion in most promising regions 
  • Continued focus on Northwest and Siberia, entering Urals and increasing presence in the central district
  • Build-up of land bank

Introducing new formats adapted to local needs, such as:

  • Supercompact format in smaller catchment areas
  • Supermarket project in Moscow and the Moscow region